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3 thoughts on “Share Map

  1. Mary says:

    Clearly Silver Spring is already sharing! But what else can we share? Tools at a tool library? Toys at a toy swap? Skills at a skillshare? Time and talents through a time bank? Let’s get the discussion going at the first ever ShareFest in Silver Spring on May 10 from 1-4pm at the Fenton Street Market!

  2. My name is Savitri an I would like to share Laughter for Health & Wellness. I’m looking for a venue/place to do this? I am a certified Laughter Yoga & Wellness Leader & I
    Love to share this with others. I’m looking for opportunities….

    En Joy,


    • Hi Savitri! We’ll be holding a follow up meeting to the ShareFest on Wednesday, May 21 at 7pm at Creative Colony at 8121 Georgia Avenue, Suite 600. Please join us as we talk about the next steps for promoting sharing in Silver Spring. Hosting skillshares, including learning about laughter Yoga, would be a great idea!

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