Great exchanges are happening!

bicycleBike Tuneups – Woo Hoo!

I’ve started biking for local transportation and found that a timebank member offered bike tune-ups. As it happens, Dana W. lives only a few blocks away from me in Silver Spring. Dana bike-commutes to downtown D.C. and loves to work on bikes.

I spent time with my bike at his workshop, and it was so much fun! First, my bike was never so well-tuned. Second, he showed me how to patch a tire, which I’d never done on the fly but am now much better prepared to do when necessary. Third, he gave great advice about things to ask the bike shop to do – like truing a tire.

And best, saved for last, Dana is a delightful fellow whom I would not have met but for the Silver Spring TimeBank. I’m happy to promote him through the Timebank, and it’s great to see that his fame is spreading!      -Jonathan B., 7/11/15


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